2017 Chrysler Pacifica - luxury minivan

2017 Chrysler Pacifica will roll in the market soon

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has dealt with the initial hiccups bravely and they are now on track of creating a great minivan model. Its previous models had not been a big hit specially those released in between 2004 and 2008 were marked as big failures. Those models did not bring anything new, and were just revised versions of superior SUVs. Sales of those cars were not great, but just when the company was thinking about pulling down this series; they got a boost in the form of minivans.

Since then, this series has shifted their focus from cloning SUVs and only thinking about good affordable minivans. This design has acquired a large fan following across the world. The Chrysler Town and Country Series had been huge hits in the past twenty years.

New Chrysler minivan will mark the end of these series. The chassis of new Pacifica is lighter as compared to those used in Town and Country models. This new design will definitely improve the interior space issue. Previous complains about shortage of cargo space and leg room will be definitely solved in the new Pacifica minivan model. A hybrid minivan model is also speculated by the fans, only time will tell if this rumor is true or not.

This will be one of the best luxury cars in 2018 model year.

Safety measures of 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Few safety features that will be definitely present in this vehicle are blind spot monitors, parking assists along with lane changing assists, 360-degree view camera, rear view camera and many more.

Engine modifications and Fuel economy

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is going to use a powerful 3.6 liter V6 engine. This setup will generate a power of about 287 HP along with 262 lb-ft torque. Transmission will be nine-speed automatic besides having two-wheel configuration drive.

The hybrid powertrain which is being rumored for some time is going to run on Lithium batteries. This drivetrain will serve as a great alternative for the V6 unit. It will generate 248 Hp power. Under the hood, plugin chargers will be present. It will take about 2 hours to charge the battery with 220V charge. Once fully charged, it can travel a distance of 30 miles at one go without exhausting. Details on Fuel economy are yet to be revealed.

Upgraded Specs

2017 Chrysler Pacifica will be fine-tuned with lot of new updates.

  • Infotainment system comes with an 8.4-inch-wide touchscreen panel.
  • Navigation apps, satellite radio controls along with smartphone integrated app support will be available.
  • For passengers in the rear seats, Uconnect theater system will provide lots of fun. It comes with a 10-inch-wide HD display screen.
  • Audio system in new Pacifica is going to be made of six speakers which are being developed by Alpine and Harman Kardon systems.
  • Cabin space will be sufficient to fit in 4×8 sized plywood sheets.
  • Sunroof is panoramic and it will be great fun to peep out from it while travelling.
  • Seating arrangement will be new and leather upholstery will also be revamped to make it more comfortable for the passengers to seat on them.

Competitors of new Pacifica and its price

2017 Chrysler Pacifica will release by the end of 2016 with a starting price of $28,595. It is going to have a lot of tough competitors to deal with:

  • Kia Sedona
  • Nissan Quest
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Honda Odyssey

The buyers of this model have to pay $28,595 for the base model of this vehicle and the company has priced $42,495 for the limited trim. It is also speculated that this vehicle will be launched in the second quarter of 2017.

2016 Subaru Crosstrek XV

2016 Subaru Crosstrek XV Review

Exterior Design:

Several design changes will be brought to this car. Among all these changes, rear end design is one noticeable area where a huge transformation has been made. Bodywork of 2016 Subaru Crosstrek XV is made in such a way that elements used make its body look slimmer and better. It will be coming with standard alloy wheels of 17 inches and its ground clearance is expected to be 8.7 inches.

Interior and Special Features:

Just like its exterior, interior will also be majorly improved. Interior is very spacious and it can comfortably accommodate 7 adult passengers. You do not need to worry about head space and leg space, as plenty of it is provided in interiors. It will feature leather seats to add to comfort.

This vehicle comes with an instrument panel that features several modern technology and instruments. These features are made for improving the overall driving experience.

Guys from suvs2017.com are announce that Crosstrek for 2017 will get complete redesign and that will lose label XV, so soon we can expect new  2017 Subaru Crosstrek.


Some features provided include LCD, parking assist, moon roof and even Internet access functionality. When it comes to safety features provided, 2016 Subaru Crosstrek comes with Subaru Eyesight feature which assists drivers and thus provides ultimate safety. Fog light of this vehicle will also be steering responsive, another safety feature provided with this crossover SUV.

Engine Specification and Performance:

This SUV will be making use of a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine. The engine powering up this vehicle is capable of generating a maximum output of 148 HP. When it comes to cars of all-wheel category, thus SUV model is already claimed as one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in the market. Estimated fuel consumption for this vehicle is around 34 mpg, which is excellent. 2016 Subaru Crosstrek XV will also be having an electric engine which is capable of generating a maxim of 10kW. This engine will also be supporting CVT transmission. This will also further reduce fuel consumption, bringing down its fuel economy to just 31 mpg. All in all, it will be a decent engine with great fuel economy being its primary feature.

Price and Availability:

Exact pricing of this excellent vehicle is unknown for now. Exact release date has also not yet been revealed by the company. Being a very comfortable vehicle with great fuel economy, people are very much excited about this car. Expectations are that 2016 Subaru Crosstrek XV will be released in the year 2015. Starting price for basic version of this vehicle is expected to be $26,500 and for version with turbo compressor, it will be $30,000.

2017 F1

hat drastic changes await F1 from 2017?

Although we do not know even how it will look like a Formula 1 car next season, teams are already worth preparing for drastic changes that await us in 2017.

Due to the demands of those who lead the championship that the Formula cars must be faster more than five seconds per lap, teams have recently adopted a set of rules by which we see beyond the cars, different wings and larger tires.

Some illustrations have already indicated to the cars could look for two seasons, and technical editor of motorsport.com made an interesting video where you can see the changes in comparison to today’s race cars.

As seen in the video, due to changes in dimensions, especially in terms of front and rear wings, the cars will look very different.

The team bosses have welcomed the fact that changes in the rules lead to a step forward in terms of speed, which many have been waiting for years.
McLaren Racing CEO Eric Beaulieu believes the greater challenge will be in front of the drivers to increase passion that they feel for the sport, which would be a positive thing for everyone.

BMW X1 vs. Audi Q3 Photo 1

Audi Q3 vs BMW X1

We took advantage of this year’s first snow to test two representatives of the “German classical philosophy drives 4×4” or two concepts – Quattro and knock-Drive. Audi and BMW comes in a compact crossover, the increasingly popular category of models in Europe, but here, with labels, “Q3” and “X1”.

BMW X1 vs. Audi Q3 Photo 1

when the comparison test models find reputable manufacturers such as Audi and BMW are guaranteed adrenaline and excitement is further increased by the fact that we are “naturally engineered” scenario were able to gauge just how similar and how different concepts of four- point with “Quattro” and “xDrive.” And no matter what this story does not include a third party, which is Mercedes with its “4MATIC,” it is clear that this is a “clash of” two schools “German classic philosophy 4×4 “. However, before the behavior of ice, snow, and challenging curves, “Audi” and “BMW” pitting the forces in numerous categories, such as body design, equipment, quality and supply of space in the interior, and performance of two-liter diesel engine power of 177 identical ” horses “… Model house in Ingolstadt younger since it appeared on the market in June 2011th And there is no doubt that the” Q3 “directional confrontation with the vehicle manufacturer from Munich, which was presented to 2009th However, older “X1” will not easily give up, especially not without a fight!

Audi Q3 vs BMW X1: Design

When it comes to the design of Audi and BMW offer a more or less seen solutions that are visible on the other models on offer, but in a form that is skillfully adapted dimensions. The so-called “corporate” design, which actually has the same elements and form effect in recent years contributes to most of the models actually derived from a similar “mold”, though there are some positive examples that are not visible in the example of “the Audi Q3.” No matter how headlights groups resemble the model of “A1”, the lines and the entire body form, primarily associated with “the number is higher” or 24 cm long “Audi Q5”. Although it shares design basics such as trapezoidal “single frame” mask model “Q3” do not miss the original elements, which are manifested particularly in a very attractive body color. Being a sports roll in Audi’s bid, with the usual “spices” like five pointed alloy wheels and dual exhaust system end “Q3” to get the necessary level of aggression, which is the model with the four rings is always expected. As for the neighbor, it should be noted that even after two full seasons on the market the most compact model from the Bavarian family, “X” still seems topical and harmony, especially in popular shades of white that foregrounds everything to the dynamic body. Accent as designers we emphasize the front, which is highlighted massive “kidneys” adjust front bumper with fog lamps, and at the rear there are no major surprises shows the rear end, which adorn the light of an unusual shape, as seen on the limousine “series 5”.

Audi Q3 vs BMW X1

two words in illustrate the interiors of the bunch, and Audi and BMW offer considerably more space for passengers. The highest standards, the best materials and most meticulous finishing lead us to conclude that the interior of the “X1” and “Q3” can only speak in superlatives. However, room for improvement, however, has primarily when it comes to offering space on the back benches and luggage space, dimensions and shape definitely does not follow the needs of the modern customer. The positive side of pedigree that definitely have a compact SUV model from Ingolstadt and Munich are far beyond the lack of a few inches of space for the knees, or compromise in family packs … In terms of audio, it can be said that the continued triumphant series as an adaptation period after placement in the driver’s seat does not exist! A classic, and a logical layout of the controls reduced the “buttons” on the, shall we say minimal. Few buttons for an impressive music device and Unified Command conditioning contribution that, as in the case of “X1,” less is more. The level of equipment, which combines leather and Alcantara surfaces on the top seat, includes a number of silver details, and a multimedia display that is cleverly hidden in the center console. After spending time behind the wheel of both models, we concluded that the category in which Audi refers victory is definitely attention to detail in the cabin, who are at the highest level. Whether it’s the gear lever or the mobile ashtray Audi team had a clear task for “ten”. “BMW X1”, on the other hand, follows the philosophy of simplicity, which follows decades of all models with a blue and white sign. In the foreground is the driver who has a perfect position to really ideal seat with lateral support, and generally lower center of gravity in the indirect comparison with Audi. That remains a benchmark standard BMW shows measured and first-rate sports steering wheel and gear selector, which is always at your fingertips. Like the Audi, and “X1” has plenty of instruments and technical systems that divert attention from the substance. A substance is known, driving pleasure and extraordinary behavior on the road, so we can easily forgive BMW’s slightly coarser material and unimaginative approach to the design of passenger environment.

BMW X1 vs. Audi Q3 Photo 3

Max and still unsurpassed advantage that the German trio of Audi, BMW and Mercedes, have compared to all ambitious, and numerous competitors is an impressive range of engines, gearboxes and transmissions. Our desire to try it in winter “Quattro” and “xDrive” coincided with the wishes of the entire editorial staff to weigh the strength and diesel engines up to two liters. Under the bonnet of the BMW found the powerful “oil man” of 177 hp, while under the bonnet of the Audi engine identical power! Rare opportunity to compare the engines almost identical characteristics led us to the conclusion that the differences in performance, sound and mode I kept to a minimum, and that are primarily subjective. Upon start-button, four-cylinder BMW-branded and sounds authentic sound, and after the first few meters makes it clear that the forces almost never miss. decisive pressure on the Code accelerator, besides comfort automation we used a manual “šaltovanja”, which is designed according to the racetrack, because a higher gear, “seeks” and pushing the lever movement by itself. Figures say that the maximum torque of 350 Nm is already 1,750 rpm, so it’s a pleasure coupled with six-speed gearbox to choose driving rhythm that acceleration of 8.4 seconds meets the wants and needs of the driver. Equally interesting situation greeted us in snowy driving model “Q3”, which is combined with the seven-speed gearbox proved to be a top-rounder. Fluid acceleration redefine the standards of the former diesel engine as an acceleration of the two hundredth more than 8 seconds of audio, especially in the “S” mode runs very dynamic. A special detail that we extract is the change gear controls placed behind the steering wheel, which will undoubtedly bring some racing spells in category “baby SUV” cars.

BMW X1 vs. Audi Q3 Photo 4

As for traction and power transfer in the model “Q3” Audi has remained true to its AWD – “Quattro”! This means that all four wheels are constantly in the “action”, or drive, to gives maximum traction and traction. Course, when cornering and in other situations where the wheels cover different path lengths, in order to equalize the differences and power rule to distribute the music scene in the middle, Torsen, differential that this work is done purely mechanical. Now, engine power only occasionally gets “restrained” electronics, but there is a possibility of turning off traction control and ASR, which is extremely important when necessary to, say, “Q3” pull them out of the mud or snow … BMW is its inventive “knock drive” connected with electronics. Basically it is an integral drive instead of the center differential has lamellar coupling and chain drive on the front axle driveshaft. Engine power is distributed as needed in relations between the axle and the percentage determined by the computer, so that the driver is devoid of thinking about it. The only thing that remains is the possibility to “abolish” electronics DTC intervention, thus driving so enjoyable. In practice, the slippery Audi behave quite normally and predictably to 4×4. Always needs to have a foot on the gas pedal and carefully dosed, to maintain the momentum of movement. The BMW driver has no such problems, but sometimes it appears that the electronics wavering and undecided. However, that such nuances that are virtually hardly notice.


As a final act of comparison test imposed by the impressions we have of “the enemy” sub-zero temperatures collected during testing. Much as the “BMW X1” considered a pioneer class, Audi is the “Q3” made “up of seven miles,” because all categories imposed as an alternative to fully live up to. The situation is “complicated” and offer tested engines, which are really the same performance and the customers are mainly divided according to personal preferences and subjective impressions of the ride, as a consequence of different concepts, but also heritage. BMW also offers a lower seating position, a perfect position for sport precise control and feedback with a stronger background. On the other hand, Audi puts emphasis on superior stock engine and “S-tronic” gearbox, which in every situation, giving a maximum. Whether it’s on the tarmac, snow or “Quattro” to ride safely and accurately, with passengers in the cabin enjoying the luxury and quality of material that is still a privilege brand with the four rings.

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